Focus areas

To have the greatest impact on our mission and achieve our vision to serve society, ADNA e.V Worms’ work is both expansive and interconnected – The following focus areas provide relevant ADNA e.V Worms articles, activities, and resources.

The African Centers in RLP

African descent needs a place that symbolizes their struggle and our shared promise. We need a place that serves as a hub to bring us together to pursue programs that will advance our causes. A place that pays homage to our great ancestors whose toils and contributions have made Germany what it is today. African have and continue to contribute immensely to German’s forward march. An African Centre in the nation’s capital will tell our stories and boost tourism. ADNA e.V is working with partners to ensure this becomes a reality.

Diversity Initiatives:

Many organizations across our city have awaken to the fact that diversity makes us stronger and has measurable benefits besides the fact that it is the right thing to do. A diversity initiative is an organization’s strategic response to diversity. This initiative looks at the internal and external needs of the organization in the area of diversity and responds with a strategically aligned approach.

Skills Development and Training

Skills development is about identifying individual skills gaps and developing these skills. Your competencies determine your ability to execute plans and achieve your goals. ADNA e.V. offers training and skills development to young people and staff of organisations in the form of both formal and non-formal education.

Economic Empowerment:

Africans represent a little over one million of the German population. This number is projected to double by 2036. Today, Black communities across Germany face unique challenges that negatively impact their integration into the greater German economy. Poverty abounds in the community due to inherent systemic racism and discrimination that have worked together to ensure less than optimal economic conditions for the Black community.

ADNA e.V knows firsthand that this is not sustainable. Things have to change to allow the Black community to fully participate in the German economic landscape. Economic empowerment is a win-win for everyone and the German economy. One of ADNAs program goals is to provide financial education by presenting the fundamentals of money management and potentially alter one’s perception of money. Our Business Engagement workshops as well as our Community Economic Capacity programs are designed to encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship in the community.

We have created this unique opportunity to come together and provide a course to improve our socio-economic conditions. Black-owned enterprises and businesses are increasingly becoming a reality. If you believe in ADNA’s mission of working to economically empower Black people, partner with us.

Empowerment Activities

ADNA e.V Worms acts in the promotion of active integration and social cohesion through the empowerment of migrants in society. When youth are “empowered,” they have the skills, critical awareness, and opportunities to positively impact their own lives and the lives of other individuals, organizations, and communities. Through ADNA e.V Worms, migrants receive the necessary instruments to shape their lives actively and to become participating and contributing members of the host society.

Cultural and Learning

We educate people about African cultures. Sadly, most German do not know anything about African people though Africans have been here since the 16th Century, long before the present-day Germany. The problem is most school curriculums are silent about German of African descent. That means our children are growing up not knowing their true identity. This identity confusion is something ADNA e.V is working on with the help of additional partners with the goal of alleviating and reducing such confusion. Our trained volunteers visit schools throughout the year to educate students about the African continent, its present nations and diverse cultures. ADNA e.V believes educating people about African cultures is key to promoting real integration, tolerance and multiculturalism.

Settlement and Integration Program

The Settlement and Integration Program assists immigrants and their families to learn about German’s systems and services. We offer opportunities for immigrants to develop language skills, learn about German’s labour market, network and develop professional and social networks and settle into the RLP area.

Citizenship Education

Citizenship comes with rights and responsibilities. The right to vote and be voted for in our democratic dispensation is just one example. The majority of African individuals feel very alienated from the system and are often not engaged. This is a direct result of systemic racism and discrimination. These two evils destroy human souls and make us less engaged. ADNA e.V is working to change that. Using events, festivals and other programs ADNA e.V encourages community participation in civic and democratic discourses.

We have seen an increase in the number of African candidates for municipal, provincial and federal elections. Previous elections also saw an increase in voter turnout from the African community. This is an initiative we will continue to invest resources in.

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